About Us
We are a group of down-hole pump specialists with the motivation and experience to maintain our client's pumps and reduce their risk of pump failure. With locations in both Lamesa and Midland, we are on call and ready to assist our customers 24/7. We pride ourselves on being flexible, responsive, and innovative for our customers, and are focused on providing quality service across five pillars:

What we are best at

Our Services

Full Pump Tear-down, Rebuild, and Repair
We can repair the pump in the same day on-site, depending on the weather conditions and severity of the pump failure.
Tubing Anchor Assembly and Repair/Testing
We can provide same-day turnaround depending on severity.
24/7 Service
We have people on call ready to assist our clients 24/7.
Cargo Hauling
We have the capability of delivering the necessary parts to tank batteries and facilities.
Various Valves, Fittings, and Parts
We have a fully stocked inventory warehouse located in Lamesa and Midland, Texas to meet all your oil field needs.
Pump School
We offer a pump school for companies to let their new pumpers gain experience.